Udemy is an educational portal that’s been becoming increasingly popular lately. And with that boom in popularity, naturally everyone seems to be talking about it. Even Singaporeans can make use of their Skillsfuture credit to purchase accredited online courses on Udemy.

Is Udemy any good? Here’s the breakdown.

Incredible Online Courses

You’ll find a lot of great courses to take on Udemy. Some are free while others come with a price tag. For paid courses, the prices range from low (about $10) to over $1,000 for more technically involved items. While courses that are free or only cost $10 sound like a bargain, the best bets are the ones in the $100 range because they offer the best value and quality for the price.

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Professionally-Created Courses

All of the courses you’ll find on Udemy are created by either professional teams or individual entrepreneurs all over the world. While you’ll certainly see more detail from courses that are produced by teams, individual entrepreneurs won’t disappoint either as they’ll still cover what’s necessary for you to gain more skills in the area of your choice.

Checked and Approved

Another great aspect of Udemy is that every course is checked and approved prior to going live on the site. In this way, Udemy controls the courses so that you’ll be investing your time and money in quality. So you’ll be getting good courses and not having to sit through a lame eBook or manual. However, it is up to every user to make sure they take what they’ve learned and utilize it.

Wide Range of Courses

The subject matter is extremely diverse on Udemy. You can find courses on gardening or personal development. You can also find courses on IT, marketing, and tons more. There’s something for everyone to use to broaden their horizons. Keep in mind though that the majority of Udemy courses won’t provide you with formal accreditation so if you’re using it to boost your career, that’s something to think about.

So Udemy is making a name for itself because it is overall a fantastic platform to help further education and to find courses to take during one’s own spare time. If you’ve been thinking about trying it out, go for it!

udemy singapore

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